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I am working on getting SCCM going and need to add options to the routers at each location.  I am looking for any help on adding the options 66 and 67.  I am just starting out in networking so any additional articles or books recommended would be great as well.

Thanks in advanced for the help.
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Are you sure you are using your routers as dhcp servers? I would strongly recommend moving dhcp to Microsoft dhcp servers unless it is a very small environment.

On a Cisco device, the options specified can be configured under the dhcp pool using:

option 66 ascii tftp-server-name
Bootfile bootfile-name

Bootfile is equivalent to option 67.
To provide the IP address or name of a TFTP server for option 66, enter the following command:

ip dhcp pool NAME
 option 66 ascii server_name
 option 67 ascii "file.cfg"

ip dhcp pool NAME
 option 66 ip XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
 option 67 ascii "file.cfg"

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