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question about a power supply tester

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Hi I have a power supply tester which is a little box you plug the cable in and you plug the power supply into the wall and see the green LED's light up. Below is a photo

power supply tester
On some power supplies the -5V does not light. On some others it does light. Both power supplies are 20 pin power supplies. I remember hearing that some times it is normal for the -5V to light up depending on the power supply, but I just was wondering if that was true or not.

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Per FrozenCPU, an ATX PSU that adheres to version 1.3 or higher for PSU Specs, the -5V LED may not come on since the spec for -5V was removed because it was only used by, now non-existent, ISA cards.
As noted above, recent power supplies do not have -5VDC outputs. To see if one does or not, read the label on power supply and see which voltages it supplies.