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Hello All, here's my situation. I'll explain from the top, better TMI than NEI.

I have a client that switched hosted Exchange providers a few months ago, moved from 1and1 to AppRiver. Everything is fine except every 20 mins or so they get an Outlook pop up looking for exchange.1and1.com credentials. This is a global issue and isn't just happening to one user.

Stuff I've tried: uninstall/reinstall Outlook by doing a "change install" from add/remove (yes it's an XP box). No help from that, still get the 1and1 nag. What did work is creating a whole new domain profile for the user and setting up a new Outlook profile, everything is fine when I do that so it would seem that the issue doesn't involve MX record or autodiscover problem etc. The user doesn't want to work off a new domain account so here I am.

Sorry if this is TMI but the user only uses their local desktop when there's an issue with the cloud server. It's only at that time that they call upon their local Outlook 2007 setup to continue being productive and that's when they see the 1and1 nag. When all systems are go the user remotes into their cloud terminal server where Outlook 2010 profile resides and there's no nag for 1and1 up there, the problem only exists on the users local Outlook 2007 setups.

So, I'm thinking there may be a file somewhere in the Outlook setup files that needs to be deleted in order for the nag to stop. One other thing I tried was scanning the registry for "1and1" entries, I found a few but they didn't look like pointers so I didn't disturb anything.

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You need to check and fix the settings for autodiscover.

Use http://testexchangeconnectivity.com to find the current autodiscover settings, or run the Test-OutlookWebServices cmdlet in EMS (as described here, along with other troubleshooting tips):



thx for the response but I don't think it's relevant for my problem. The autodiscover doesn't seem to be a problem at all, my proof is I can setup the users Outlook profile on my computer right now and autodiscover will find work correctly. The issue at hand is on the computer in question and more specifically it's in the user profile. Like I already said, I created a new domain profile, logged onto the users computer with it and was able to successfully create a new Outlook profile... one that doesn't nag for 1and1 credentials. So the issue seemingly is within the Outlook 2007 program already installed.

"Before we get started, many of these cmdlets rely on utilizing a test mailbox"... sorry but this is hosted Exchange we're talking about here, I can't run commands from a shell etc. I don't have access to AppRiver's Exchange servers.
This issue is resolved, a senior technician at my company worked on it with me. First thing we did was completely uninstall Outlook then delete all the left over Outlook folders (after copying over NK2 file for safe keeping). Surprisingly it didn't work. What did work was finding a registry key named autodiscover that pointed to .xml file name "redirect". 1and1 was listed in this .xml file. Once we deleted the reg key that pointed to the .xml file Outlook no longer nagged for 1and1 credentials. Thanks to those who wanted to help and your welcome to those that were helped by reading this. Seacrest out.


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