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Hello - - I would like to perform an inventory of my Windows network - - collecting as much information as possible from all computer, printers, devices, etc. - - especially serial number of network devices. I would like to be able to do this from one computer on my network.

I need some GREAT suggestions

thanks !
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I use the open source tool OCS Inventory. It has a client that is installed on each machine and it grabs LOTS of information about computers. You can deploy the client through group policy (as I did) or deploy it manually. The computers "call home" to the server where the information is aggregated and stored.

We use all Dell computers here and it grabs the asset tag nicely. It also grabs all software installed, ethernet addresses of NICs, just about everything you could want.

You could try spiceworks. This is a free ad-funded piece of software. I've used it a couple of times and it detects everything I've ever required. If I recall correctly no client is required either.

Oh it also builds a network map if you switches are SNMP compatible.


What a GREAT program - - thanks !!!

Pleasure :-)

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