HTTP Error Log Contains too much 400 response

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Hello Expert:

We have an IIS Server running in Windows Server 2003 R2 SP3.

An ASP.Net application is running and after checking the HTTP error log we have found 98% of the error occurred due to the following reason:

2012-05-23 19:14:58 REMOTEIP 3887 SERVERIP 80 HTTP/1.1 POST /CRMAPPS/CRMAPPSSFolder/ImageUpload.aspx?Source=Upload+Self+Report 400 1 BadRequest CRM

The above page is using for images, scanned documents and reports upload.

We have internal as well as external users who are connected via VPN.

External users connect to our server using Cisco ASA 5510 switch where as internal network uses NETGEAR 100 mbps and Dell 1 gbps.

Please also note that the file server and IIS server is same right now.

What could be the possible reasons for failure and what could be the possible solutions?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!
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400 Bad Request
The request cannot be fulfilled due to bad syntax.[2]

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