Dell Studio XPS - No Diagnostic Utility Partition Identified; Press any key to reboot

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I'm trying to install Windows 7 on a new hard drive on my Dell Studio XPS.  I have tried F12 and select the CDROM.  I've also set in the BIOS for it to boot to the CDROM first.  But I keep getting the message

"No Diagnostic Utility Partition Identified; Press any key to reboot..."

It first boots it looks like it going to boot to the cd (green light is on and CD spinning) but then it goes to the Dell Studio XPS splash screen followed by - "No Diagnostic Utility Partition Identified; Press any key to reboot"

When I push F12 and select CDROM it goes direct to the error message.  No green light on the CDROM.  I have tried booting to a USB CDROM and tried a different internal CDROM - same error message comes up.

Any help would be great.
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Top Expert 2012

Might be a stupid question but the CD you are booting from - an official bootable CD? Or have you tested on another machine just to confirm?
PowerEdgeTechIT Consultant
Top Expert 2010

Keep in mind that Windows 7 is DVD media, so if you have only a CD drive, it will not read it.

If you have a DVD drive, did you create the DVD yourself from a download?
Top Expert 2013

confirm if you have  a DVD drive plse
it can be the DVD drive is bad, or not connected
test with another drive, or test this drive on another PC
you can also try another bootable CD, like the UBCD:
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How did you create the DVD? Just give us a short description.

Try changing the SATA Operation settings in the bios. Try changing it to ATA. If it doesn't help just change it back.
I put the new HD in another machine and formatted it there first (NTFS) then put it back in the first computer and the installation CD started right up on boot up.


it worked

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