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Sharepoint 2010 - the path where sharepoint stores the documents

Hi there,
Where and what is the path on the actual sharepoint portal servier 2010 where it saves the documents:
Here is what I want:
-User laptop has sharepoint workspace installed.  I will map this link on workspace.  While at work users can save their work on a mapped H drive.  When they go home, they simply open up the sharepoint workspace and their work is there and all synched.
-While at the sharepoint server we know the physical place where it saves the docuemtns for all users, so in case of lost files etc we can simply go into that path and retrieve the files.  Basically I will call all the documents of all users as H drives on sharepoint with their own user names so that access to those documents and files are easily accessible by admin.  I would also want, No 2 users should be able to see each other files.
Ideas?  Help plz
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Neil Russell
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You need to understand the fundamentals of sharepoint. It is NOT a file server, it is a web server with a database backend.

To access the files from explorer instead of web browser you need to add the SITE as a new Network place. Then you can access the docs. BUT this is not something i would recomend for your and your users given your clear lack of understanding of sharepoint.
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Thanks jamesrh for providing me the answer I was anticipating.
Thanks for your time jamesrh.
Happy to help