Need a sample SSIS package

My problem:

I have 10 database which holds 15 tables,
One table has application Name and will be linked across 15 tables through Foreign Key or with application name itself.
There are multiple applications present in one database.
Now I want copy only few application's along with all it's relevant data from each of the database and like to club it all together in one database.

How to do it?
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Is this a 1 time thing or is this to happen on a regular basis?
It's one time Task
Can you create one or more views in the original database that select the desired data?

If so, you can use the Import/Export wizard to import the data from the views into your target database.
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So we need to create 15 views right?
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Actually, I think I did provide an answer.  If the author will create a view on any one of the tables in question and thenuse the Import/Export wizard, the author can save the results to an SSIS package and then use that for a templte.  On the other hand, if the author creates a view for each table (and, yes, that does mean 15 views for 15 tables . . . but that's not so bloody many, really, is it?), then they can all be combined into one, single Import/Export Wizard process.

It's a one-time thing, so I would just use the Import/Export wizard and do it. :-/ ;-)

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