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cannot convert server with esx5 converter?


i have a vm where i have installed esx5 standalone converter...
one nic is in the VLAN where the physical host for migration is located
one nic is in the VLAN where vcenter is located....

i start the converter, the agent will be installed on the remote physical server,
then i chose the settings which i want to migrate, destination host, datastore...
and then if i press "start" i get always the following error:

a general system error occured: unknown internal error


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can you communicate between physical server and vCenter Server or ESX server?

eg ping
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the physical server can communicate to a esx-host, but NOT to the vcenter...
the vcenter is on a separate VLAN; so i have configured on a esx-host a seccond vmkernal in
the VLAN where the physical machine is located...
this VLAN is not available on the vcenter at the moment...

but: with the converter i can chose only the vcenter for "destination" there i cannot chose the
esx-host for destination... i don't know why?

so is it necessary that the physical machine can communicate direkt with the vcenter?
if you are using vSphere Hypervisor 5.0 ESXi 5.0 and vCenter 5.0, you must convert physical to vCenter Server.
vcenter is the controller so it must be done that way
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so... i have now the problem that NO!! direct migration from pyhsical server (win2003, and win2008r2) is working....
sometimes i get a error "unknown internal error" if i click on FINISH before the migration starts,,,,

sometimes the migration starts i can see that the VM is created on vcenter, i can also see the files (.vmx, a vmdk file) on the datastore and some minutes later i get again:

"unknown internal error" and the job ends...


i tried now to convert the pyhsical server to a .vmdk file (vmware workstation)
and then from this .vmdk file direkt to vcenter...
the job is still running so it seems that this is working...

is this a bug? or what could be the problem...

it's really strange...

have you installed the app on server to be converted?
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yes, also with this the same situation...
when does this error occur at what percentage?

also review the converter logs
sounds like a intermittant network outage issue
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but why is it then working if the destination first is a
.vmdk file (vmware workstation)

it's only not working when the convert is direct from physical host to vcenter...
vCenter issue or network comms between physical and vCenter

is this v5 of converter?
upload the logs here, see if anything is obvious
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no direct solution found....
a work around was to convert the physical maschine to vmware workstation, and in a seccond step convert from vmware workstation format to vcenter....
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I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

Accepted answer: 0 points for Tpm1973's comment #a38699509

for the following reason:

workaround found; no solution for the problem found
that does not sound correct vmware converter can do a p2v
there is a known bug with VMware Converter converting into ESXi 5.x.
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ok, and exist there any update or fix or official workarround?
VMware have issued a later version of VMware Converter 5.0.1, released on the 25 October 2012. (this was after you question logged in March 2012!).

Not sure if you've tried this recent version.

other workarounds exist, in using converter 4.3.
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tested with different customers - always OK