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Need to change Mac Book Air current apple ID to another apple ID

Good Day experts,

I have a few mac book airs and installed and configure one them with the incorrect Apple ID.  I need to change the apple ID on that machine to the person's apple id that the machien will go to.  Can anyone ellaborate on how to do this?  I'm a windows user so am completely new to this.  The OS is MAC OS 10.3.

Many Thanks,

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I think it is preferences -> Icloud. Change from there.
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ok i'll give that a shot tho....i"m completely new at this and have win 7 do i boot to the mac os?
It's a dual boot, like OSX and 7 on same machine?
yes.  One partition for MAC OS 10.3. something and windows7 fresh install
Reboot and look for the "Boot menu" hot key, something like F9 or such. What is the hardware? as in Dell Optiplex 750.
this is a Mac Book Air and i'll check for that but have yet to see a boot option
sorry, duh, you already said that. my bad.
oh no prob man
ok I just checked and no boot option are available, is there a key combo i can press....if i hold down command and r then i get the option to reinstall a fresh copy but i want to be sure that i'll be able to input the correct Apple ID when i turn it on again after a fresh resinstall....will that be so?
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AWESOME!!!! that will fix everything!
I'll try it as soon as i get a chance and report back
ok so i'm at the point where the mac book is saying that it will connect with apple to verify "egligibility" and i just wanted to make sure that i'll be able to put in another Apple ID and if not will reinstalling make it so i can't change the apple id?
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Hi Ellsworth,

     This verification part is to verify that your Apple ID is valid and that you have purchased  OS X Lion with the Apple ID you input. So, as long as you have a valid Apple ID and you have purchased OS X Lion on it then you are good.

Hope this helps.
Ok, so I think you may have to put in the apple ID during install that is associated with a purchase. Once you do that yo can change the apple id for syncing the data and making it work for the user you want it to, which is (I think) Preferences -> ICloud. Sorry I don't have a macbook anymore to verify.

yea i did the reinstall from command + R and once finished all the same configuration was still there.  I'll try changing it from preferences
so i tried that and it asks to login with an account.  now that i remember i never setup an account.  If i erase the hard drive and then reinstall Mac OS will that give me the ability to input a new apple ID?  simply resinstalling the OS didn't return it back to default factory settings.