How do I check a list of numbers in VB6 if there is no INLIST function.

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In VB.Net there is a function -- INLIST(), where I can put a list of numbers and check against what is in a variable.  Could someone show me in VB6 code how to check a list a numbers/chars against a given variable, that will function the same way as a InList function does?  Thanks.


if CoPlanID = INLIST(1, 10, 15, 20, 23, 50, 150) then
     var = "found it"
     var = "did not find it"
end if

......I need replace code for what I use the INLIST function for.
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' Firstly, put the INLIST items into an array

searchArray(0) = 1
searchArray(1) = 8
searchArray(2) = 22
searchArray(3) = 49
searchArray(4) = 81

'Check to see if element exists
If InStr(Join(searchArray), CoPlanID) > 0 Then
  'If the element is found code here
  'If the element is not found code here
End If

coPlanID = 15
myString = "1, 10, 15, 20, 23, 50, 150"

sp = Split(myString, ",")

Dim found As Integer

For Each e In sp
    If coPlanID = Val(e) Then found = 1: Exit For

MsgBox found

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There's no InList() in VB.Net...


Thank you, Programmers.  You both had the Best Solution, so I split the reward.  I appreciate you help and quick response.  Thanks again.

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