Batch file in VisualCron leaves empty CMD.exe window open..

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We have a batch file we want to run in VisualCron 6. The file runs fine except the CMD window stays open impeeding the remainder of the job. Does anyone have any insight on the reason this happens? I havent recieved much support from VisualCron since I am in trial mode...
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Can you show us the contents of the batch?

Try adding EXIT /B as the last line.  Does it start another program from the batch that would cause it to wait, if so then use:

START "" "c:\someotherapp\yourexe.exe"

and it won't then wait until the yourexe.exe has finished before ending.



That didn't help. It seams to be an issue directly related to VisualCron..

What is in the batch?  Does it do the same for a simple one, e.g.

@echo off
echo Hello

i.e. should sit there for a key press then go

or drops a file and closes:

@echo off
echo test %date% %time% > c:\testfile.txt
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Steve, there, a little bonus points for you ;-).


Thanks.... always good to get kind words of polite feedback for your advice.  Did you work out what caused it?

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