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i have a user that want to send a large video file via email (exchange 2003) however, they are unable to do it.
how coudl i allow the user to get this file sent (via outlook)
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How large is the file?

What the maximum outgoing email size on exchange?

maximum Outgoing Mail  Limits are not enabled on default in exchange
They would have had to have been set

You can use this ref to see what the limits are or to increase them

Now although, You may have no limits in exchange

You do need to be aware that the ISP will still have a maximum size for Mail Traffic
To find out what their Maximum is you will need to contact them.

Now assuming You has No Limits on Exchange
Say your ISP had no limits

You still need to consider the recipients ability to receive such a large email
If your trying to send them a massive email, and they only have a few MBs left in their inbox, its likely they are not going to be able to receive it.

Personally, for really large video files
We send this via USB Flash Drive or DVD
There are a number of ways of going about this, but do you really want to send this file via email?

If so there are a number of services on the web that you could use to do this for free such as

maybe these offer a suitable alternative.

In exchange there are maximum send and receive properties in the outgoing and incoming adapter settings, so you would need to work out the file size in kb and adjust these accordingly.


thanks for replying - excellent answer

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