Dialog form cause other open forms to resize

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I've had this trouble for a while.    I've tried various combinations of POPUP, MODAL, BORDER SIZE with no luck in fixing the problem.

From a FORM that servers as a menu, a command button is clicked and a report opens in PREVIEW.    
When the report is closed, a small POPUP form opens asking if the report printed OK, and if YES it runs a query that marks things PAID, then closes the popup form.

The problem is that when this dialog form is closed..... the original menu goes from MAXIMIZED to resized (about 2/3 of the screen)
I have the OnCurrent, OnGotFocus, etc... set to maximize the form but the user has to click on the form to get it to take that action.

Am I missing something simple, or should I just build in a routine that selects the menu form and maximizes it when the report is closed?

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Do you have the following line of code anywhere in your Dialog form:



If so, try removing it.

Also make sure you have the auto resize property set to 'No' in your forms.


Thanks for reply....
no "restore" commands anywhere,
already have AUTO RESIZE to no on both forms
Along with mbizup's advice,  the pop-up form should work these properies:

Pop-up:  Yes
Border Style:  Dialog

Or use a message box instead of a pop-up form to ask if the report printed.
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or just post a sample of this database that exhibits this issue...


Never solved, but I appreciate the effort (as always)

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