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Can an Exchange server receive emails from an upstream mail scanner if the Exchange services aren't started?

Trying to track down some emails.  Our mail scanners are saying that they were processing emails and sending them to the exchange server (scanner logs say that they were successully delivered to the email server) but the Exchange services weren't started (We lost power and Exchange server came up after AD servers so Exchange services didn't start).  Rebooted the Exchange server and services started but I'm just trying to track down those emails that were sent to the Exchange server during that time (when Exchange services weren't started).  Thanks in advance...Using Exchange 2003 and mail scanners are Symantec Messaging Gateway scanners...
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Also looked in the queue in D:\Exchsrvr\Mailroot\vsi 1\Queue but nothing there...
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According to the Symantec scanner logs, it says that it was delivered to ipaddress:25

Could the SMTP service have been started so it could receive the email but Exchange services not started?
That is possible - I assumed when you said the Exchange servers were down that SMTP was down.  If that is what happened when Exchange restarted the queue should process immediately and deliver.
Not sure.  I just know that the Information Store (and I assume the other Exchange services) wasn't started.  I'm looking in the Message Tracking Center and I don't see the email to this user (I see emails once the server was rebooted and the Exchange services were back online).  Anywhere else to look?  Is there a way to see if the Exchange server received the email from the scanner?  IIS logs?
As long as the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol service is running, the server will accept mail, but if the information store service is down, the mail should queue locally until its timeout period runs out.
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If 2007 or later the items may be in the HUB server queue.
So it sounds like the SMTP service was running (since Symantec was able to successfully connect to ipaddress:25) but if that's the case, where would the emails queue up until the exchange services are started?
Are there any log files that would show me anything during that time (Exchange services stopped but SMTP service running and accepting emails)?
Message tracking on the HUB logs would show the mail traffic
Exchange 2003 so no HUB server...
Try your MTA queues.
Nothing in the MTA queues either...
Run up perfmon and add any MTA queues or SMTP queue values (queue length).
It has to be somewhere, unless the message expiry time has passed. (common value is 48 hours)
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