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Cannot sent EMail through Microsoft Outlook Account

I have Microsoft Outlook 2010. I have added Yahoo Mail Account (Premium because the ordinary one does not offer POP) to it through POP. I managed to receive all the mails from the Yahoo Mail Server to the Microsoft Outlook Account some time backabout a year ago. I also managed to sent EMails through Microsoft Outlook using the Yahoo Web Mail POP account to Hotmail accounts and other accounts successfully. However recently I tried to sent an Email through Microsoft Outlook using the POP Yahoo Mail account but the message goes into Outbox and remains there in spite of repeatedly pressing send and the using the send and receive button all at the top left hand. The other two accounts on the Microsoft Outlook are anchronistic dial-up ISP accounts which I hardly use. Who uses a dial-up modem to send emails these days?
Will somebody tell me what is wrong and how will I be able to send the Email through Microsoft Outlook using the POP Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Mail Server does have not a word processor like Microsoft Outlook does.
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I must be using the right settings because I was guided by a Yahoo personnel into  it about a year ago and everything worked right uptil now. I either have to dug into the paper which I stored for the Yahoo settings or open up my Yahoo mail account. But unfortunately when I go into File and then into Account Settings I cannot open up the Yahoo Mail Account Settings of Yahoo Mail and the other two mail box settings. So I cannot verify what protocols I am using
I managed to open Yahoo Mail Account Box and saw what protocols have been put. Luckily I also traced the papers of setting Yahoo Mail Plus accounts through POP.
Under Advanced settings  
Incoming Server(POP3) the port is set at 995
A tick mark has been placed enabling This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)
Outgoing server (SMTP) port is set at 587
But suprisingly at  the box  " Use the following type of encrypted connection " None has been enabled why not  enable SSL because The server requires a SSL  connection (SSL) has already been enabled.

At the bottom of the Advanced setting A tick mark has been placed in the box at Leave a copy of messages on the server.
On the Outgoing Server setting a tick mark has been put in the box at which My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
and also Use the same settings as my incoming mail server has been enabled.
On the internet E-Mail settings Server Information
Account Type is POP3
Incoming mail server is
Outgoing mail server (SMTP) is
On Connection Settings
Connect using my local area network (LAN) is enabled.
Incoming masil is being received but I cannot send any email
All these protocols which I mentioned previously are right. Microsoft Outlook tested two messages which were successful and which I received in my inbox. Then I knew something was in variance. I composed a new  message to myself and sent it and it went through. Then I analysed the situation. There were two other EMail accounts. The original message was initially set to be send by a different E Mail account, I turned it to be sent by Yahoo Mail but it did not work. So I composed the same message afresh and then right from the start  Yahoo Mail was selected by me. I pressed send and the message went from the Outlook folder to the Sent folder. The previous message still remained in the Outlook folder whoich I deleted as it was now no longer needed.
I do not know really what went wrong but I suceeded in sending the message.