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Best Practice with Active Directory Users Container

Title says it all...

Is it better to have individual user accounts rather than one "shared" account? (5 users)
I ask because it's a debate in our department. I want individual accounts and my manager wants shared accounts. Reason being: when they lock the computer, no one has to guess what the password is.
I say it's a threat because if anyone in the group becomes hostile and they do something malicious, I won't be able to tell who exactly it is or was .

side note: this pertains to a small group of 5 users who do not share computers anymore.
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You can run a switch user in newer operating systems so you really cannot use that as an excuse any more. A generic account is terrible for audit purposes.
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"Best practice dictates individual accounts" is exactly what I wanted to hear!! Thank you!!
I wanted to accept both answers as Solutions - Both answers gave me exactly what I needed to help convince my boss that old school ways aren't the best ways!! Thank you to both of you for your answer
You do have the ability to split points.