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Clear deleted items exchange 2007

I need to delete all items that are 60 days or older for all users from their deleted items folder.

Do I set that through the deleted item retention policy?

Once I set it, will it run that night or is it something I can force to run that night / day?

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The deleted item retention applies to items that have been deleted from the "Deleted Items" folder. The deleted item retention determines how much time a user has to go back and "recover deleted items" that have been deleted from their "Deleted Items" folder.

It sounds like you're trying to prevent all your users from storing items in their "Deleted Items" folder for more than 60 days, yes?
Deleted items in an exchange database are deleted after the Exchange retension period has been exceeded.

Normally items in Outlook are deleted and then the deleted items folder in Outlook is emptied by the user. After that, Exchange keeps those email in the database for the period set in the mailbox maintenance settings. Normally it's 30 to 60 days. During that time, a user can recover those items back into their outlook folder. After that period, Exchange deletes then from it's database.

There is also an option in the exchange maintanance settings not to delete any mailbox until a backup has been completed. You should be aware of this if you administor Exchange.

Hope this helps!
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Yeah I'm not really concerned about the rention period for deleted items..we have backups that we can restore from if we have to.

Mainly, I want to delete emails from users "Deleted Items" folder in their mailbox that are older than 60 days.

Thanks for the link Neil, I'll take a look at that.
Ok so I have a retention policy setup to remove items older than 60 days.

I then then forced it to run with the: Start-ManagedFolderAssistant –Identity mailbox

It seems to work partially, but is only deleted some not all of the deleted items.

For example it deleted some emails from my test account sent earlier this year, but not deleting ones from 2011.

Any ideas?
These links may provide some insight. They discuss how retention/archive is affected by the "modified date" of an email item.



(another possible problem)
I've read through those, but nothing really sticking out at me here.

I created a new retention policy tag via command line:
[PS] C:\Windows\system32>new-retentionpolicytag -name "Clean Deleted items test - new" -type DeletedItems -MessageClass
* -RetentionAction PermanentlyDelete -RetentionEnabled $true -AgeLimitForRetention 60

I then created a new rention policy via the GUI referencing that tag and added a test account.

Next, I ran the start-managedfolderassistant -identity myaccount

But when I look at my deleted items I don't see anything about "this message will expire in 60 days, or older messages in there that should already of been deleted.
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