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Jquery Creating object from a Link and where to put the code


Have two Jquery questions

first is it possible to create a object from link to jpg's where the text on the link is image?
for instance

a link
<a href="myPic.jpg>Image 1</a>

jquery object

$("a > href > /image/i").each(function(){
      $(a")atrr("class", "fanceybox"     }

all other links add

$(a")atrr("target", "blank");

Then for links within a table how might i check that $(a")atrr("target", "blank"); hasn't been set or remove it if it has?

My second question is should the jquery script be within the head of the document or can you share the same script by creating a link the same as you would any other javascript eg

<script type="text/javascript" src="/js/my-jquery.js"></script>

i ask this because all the jquery scripts i've seen are either in the head or embeded within the document body.
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