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Recover deleted AD user account

What is the best way to recover a deleted user account and how can I be sure it is replicated across all DC? Does it replicate automatically when using the AD recycle bin? Should I  use authorative restore?
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Are you using Active Directory 2008 R2?
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You can use ldp to restore your deleted object.
ldp is old school :)
Heck yeah but it works. =)

Let me know if you need the steps misshappy.
@mkline71: Were you a 74 / 25B?
No I was a 97B (now a 35L).  I work with some guys that are in the Reserves now that are 25Bs

The signal/IT MOS field was much different when I went in (1993...I'm 37)

I assume you were in Hooah!!
I thought you were a chief. You seem pretty technical to me.

I got out in 2006 but still work in the DoD as a DA civilian at the home of the medics. Getting old... I'm 30 now.
Always been a nerd "counterIntelligence" sounded really cool at the recuriters office so I took that.  The security clearance I got from it was big.

Ft Sam Houston is where all the sexy Army women least that is the myth.  

To the poster...thanks for listening to our Army stories in your thread.   I'll delete them once we are done :)


My TS expired this year but I really don't have a requirement for a secret so it's cool.

I think the talent got a hell of a lot better thanks to BRAC. ;)

Are you a DoD contractor / civilian?
send me an email mkline at gmail