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Cannot Change Exchange 2003 to Native Mode for 2010 Upgrade - Option Greyed out

I have inherited an exchange 2003 environment that has no forensic footprint back to a 5.5 server that I can tell.  I have been all over the sites trying to do anything from recreating the ADC to trying to manually remove the service to get this to allow me to put my 2003 server into native mode.  No matter what I have done, the option is greyed out.

1.  When running the Best Practices Analyzer, an error comes up that says:
The Active Directory Connector server Active Directory Connector (EXCHANGE) is not running any connection agreements and is a candidate for removal.

2.  The next message states:
Active Directory Connector connection agreement 'Config CA_MAIN_THOR' does not have a valid value for 'msExchHomeSyncService'. This is usually caused by the abrupt removal of the Active Directory Connector service. Objects in the scope of this agreement will not be replicated.

I have followed the steps to remove the ADC but, I cannot recreate this connector and stopping and disabling the service does not help.

When I run ADSI edit, I am very concerned about removing any of these items because, I do not know what is and is not supposed to be there.

Has anyone run into this problem and have an idea on how to fix it?

Note, I have also referenced the very popular KBs to no avail:

Along with these:

Thank you for your help.
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Also, I did follow this article in removing the config_ca that did not help either
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I wish I had asked earlier instead of spending countless hours working on this.  This is a great solution and now, I was able to complete building my Exchange 2010 environment.  Thank you for the great insight.