How to set shortcuts to go back/go forward 10 seconds in VLC Media Player?

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I'd like to know how I can set shortcuts to go back and go forward 10 seconds in VLC.

Jump Forward and Jump Backward options in 'Playback' menu seems to do this but I would like to set keyboard shortcuts for this functionality.

Under 'Preferences' --> 'Hotkeys', I tried, 'short', 'very short' jump options but the values seem to be larger than 10 seconds.

I'd appreciate any help. Thanks
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The Short jump options are exactly 10 seconds. I just tested this myself and confirmed that both back and forward short jumps are 10 second durations only.


Shoot! That works. I had to close the program and open it again for the changes to go into effect.

I'll remember that. Thanks a lot, greyknight.
No problem.


Could you please look into this question if you have a moment, greyknight?

I'd appreciate that. Thanks again.

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