Error Taking Back in Windows-7

Saurabh Singh Teotia
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Hi All,

I'm facing a problem whenever i'm trying to take backup of my system in a external hard drive. The error message that i get is i dont have enough space. Which i understand i have dont have enough space in my recovery which is a part of c drive only and is a part of system.

Now this is what i did because of which i don't have space by mistake i loaded the windows-7 in recovery partition as well and realised my mistake and then went ahead and removed it from control panel option as a result it removed it at the time of booting. However it still installed at my recovery which is under c drive because of which it's still full.

Now because of which i'm not able to take any back of my laptop and i tried to extend the recovery drive under C but was fail to do so.

Now what is the solution for this..How can i take a back up of my system?

Enclosed is the screenshots for your reference:-

1st One shows the error message because of No space available.
2nd One shows that what are my drives and how much space is their and as you can see i dont have any space in the recovery drive rest all the drives have available space.
3rd one shows that i dont even see the recovery drive so i don't know how to delete contents from it or to fix it.

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saurabh726--Perhaps of help

I think you will have to increase the space available in that partition you show as Blue with no name in your Second-screen.  You will probably have to first give it a drive letter.
noxchoIT Product Manager
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You do not need to delete anything from it.
Simply use third party backup tool such as Paragon Backup & Recovery 12 Free
It will let you take backup of system drive which you actually need.
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Thanks i went to that link which told me how to add space to the partition as a result i added space to the partition and was able to save my backup.
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saurabh726--Glad to hear the good news.  You are welcome

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