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My OS is win 7 prof 64 bit and I created a Blog site using an Application which carried ADs by google, Amazon and Clickbank.  The site had a signup form which at first did not work, but I had a programmer to fix it.  
The 2nd stage for the creation using this Application, is the SEO component which I ran for my site.  The SEO was completed without any errors.   When this SEO  was run, the ADs in the site  disappeared.
In order to get back the ADs for the site.  What are the options that I have.
Option 1:  Can I recreate my site from the zip file that I have.  The Q is whether I have to rerun the SEO application again.
Option 2 : I recreate my site again, rerun the SEO and then hire a programmer to see what and where the damage was done and fix it.
Any other suggestions from our Experts would be welcome.  
Due to budget I am thinking of a cost effective way to fix it.
Thank u.
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In response to cs97jjm3 when clicking on the SEO button, there are nothing else to click.
This is because the first step is the creation of the web site, which is automatically created after I had input the data into the various fields , like my Google ID, amazon id, etc and also the ID s for the iContact and of course the name of the domain (in my case the sub domain but the program is geared for sub domains).
The site was created without a hitch and when it was run everything worked except the signup form.  i.e. when a user entered the contact details and hit the submit button, the error was page not found.  So a PHP developer found the error and fixed it, and this time it registered the name of the user in the iContact's contact list, sent a welcome message and also the owner of the iContact account, the usual confirmation messages.  The various Ads were also showing.
Now with the initial phase up and running I thought I would go to the second phase, which is the creation of the SEO.  After clicking on the SEO button, there was nothing else to click on and it ran for a few minutes and displayed a completion message.  But now when the site was loaded, All the ADs disappeared.
The Q is if I were to restore the site to the point where the PHP programmer fixed the iContact module, would all the functions created by the SEO module still be there.  Thus, saving me the expense of running it again and coming to status quo again.
Thank u.
a good suggestion.