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Hi. Can anyone tell me what is meant by "open" in the Google Finance API?

I cannot tell it it means today's open price or yesterdays? The reason I am confused is because they do not seem to give today's close. They give something called y_close which means yesterday's close I think. So why don't they also say y_open for yesterdays open? Seems strange.
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mccarlIT Business Systems Analyst / Software Developer
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I haven't used their Finance API, but at a guess I would say they don't give todays close because, well, in general "today" hasn't closed yet, and so they don't know.

If you can give a SPECIFIC reference to the API docs where this info is, that way we can look at it for ourselves and may help to give a better answer?


Hi. Thank you. I cannot find it in the API but they mention it here:
in the API Url Formatting code.
IT Business Systems Analyst / Software Developer
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Ok, yeah, not a lot of info. But I still think that what I said is correct.

I was wondering though as to how/if a market can open at a different value than it closed the previous day, but this link ( has some info on it.

The only thing that you may want to experiment with, is if there is some field there that can imply if the market is currently open or not, as there doesn't seem to be any explicit field for this. Also, you may want to work out exactly when those daily open/close prices tick over to the next day.

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