Unable to connect to server with VisualInterdev 6 on Windows 7 64

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I installed Visual InterDev 6 on Window 7. I also installed Visual InterDev SP6.
Visual InterDev 6 opens ok
When creating a new project....I get the error of "unable to connect to server http://ez1"
Note: ez1 is the name of my local pc (a laptop).
Another pc on my network is ez3, and ez1 connects to it via cat5 cable & switch.

When creating a new project on ez1....and I select ez3 (the network pc)...Visual InterDev 6 likes that.

That would be ok if ez1 was always connected to ez3.
But ez1 is a laptop & travels with me.

I need to get ez1 working so I can use Visual InterDev 6 on the road.

Does this sound like an IIS issue with Windows 7 ?

Any ideas ?

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Visual InterDev is not supported, so Microsoft did not care about whether it would work in Windows 7 or not, specially so in 64-bits. The problem you encounter was already there with Vista.

You are using a development tool that is almost 15 years old. You have to expect it to stop working at some point.

Your only possible solution would be to install the Windows XP mode on your station, although it requires that you have at least the Professional version of Windows 7. I am also not sure that it is available for the 64-bits version.

Why don't you give a look to Visual Web Express, the tool that has replaced Visual InterDev in 2002? It's free and can do a lot before you are forced to move to Visual Studio Professional.

You will have to do in soon enough, so why delay the inevitable?


Thanks for the info.

I already use VS2010 Pro.
That's not really the issue.

I have some clients who have legacy apps using both vs6 and VB6.
It is unrealistic, but noble, to think the entire world can 'upgrade' to the latest microsoft system....which of course will change again and again and again.

I maintain a development pc with the windows xp and vs6 to support my clients.
I just thought it would be nice to be able to use a single pc (or laptop) to do that.

I really appreciate your comments.
Thanks !!
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You are lucky to be working on Windows, were the advanced stuff that was developped at the beginning of the 90's did work well for a good 15 years. Some programs are even still running after 30 years. The old Sim City I was running in MS-DOS 3.0 somewhere in the middle of the 80's still works in Windows 7.

Ask anybody who has a Mac what happens on their software in only 5 to 10 of OS evolution.

The main problem with Visual Interdev does not come from Windows. It comes from the web that has moved so fast that the need for those old tools is very low. So much that it is not sound for Microsoft to keep supporting them. If they had to design Windows 7 to support everything that comes from 1996, they would have to make too many concessions. This is one of the reasons they lost a bit of ground to the Mac over time. Apple does not care about old applications and older computers, so it made it easier for them to innnovate on the OS level.

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