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Exchange 2003 to 2010 migration - messages pending submission

During an exchange migration between exchange 2003 and 2010, the exchange 2003 got very slow and even to send internal email from the 2003 is taking about 10 min. When I go to the queue I see about 800 messages pending submission. The server is very slow as well. I stopped public folders replication about 2 hour ago, but it is still very slow.
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Try restarting the Transport service.
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I did it and I even rebooted the server. No luck.
Perhaps use Process Explorer (free MS download) to see if the server is busy with HDD read/writes.  Could be a lot of log files?
See if the GC connectivity is proper.

Try IISreset

also.. Disable the Antivirus.

Most probably, it shud be GC
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Things that I did finally kicked in and the issue was fixed.