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Using the DATEADD function with a Date Function for the Date

I am trying to run a script in SQL Anywhere 11 to update records based on activity that occured 3 days ago with the DATEADD function.

I am using it as follows:

DATEADD(day, -3, NOW())

Although it runs the script without any reported errors, it doesn't update the records.

If I use the following:

DATEADD(day, -3, '2012-05-23')

It updates the record correctly.

I've tried "GETDATE" with no luck either.

What can I use to replace an actual date for this script?
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Joe Woodhouse

Can you show us the actual UPDATE statement? You can change table and column names but it's helpful to see what's actually being run.
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UPDATE "DBA"."staffing_tbl" SET staffing_benign_si = 'N', wstat_no_in = 162 WHERE wSTAT_NO_IN = 86 and staffing_benign_si = 'Y' AND staffing_calendar_da = DATEADD(day, -3, NOW())
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Thanks, I got it working with your help.  It through an error but I found it was related to the style.  It need 120 not 101

convert(char(10), getdate(), 120)