The top bar in access frame appear with red color?

Mohammad Alsolaiman
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I have one client that run one of my apps on windows xp/office 2010.
The access appear with red bar at the top of access frame.
Is there any problem , or how can I remove it.
 see the attach photo Please
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MIS Liason
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AFAICT, that is because of her Color scheme setting in windows.
or,  her Office "Theme"

In other words, that should be the same color for all off her Office apps, not just Access.

So she should be able to change this back by either resetting the windows color scheme or the MS Office "Theme"

Here is where the Office 2010 lets you pick the Theme
Office 2010 Theme
Mohammad Alsolaimanapplication programmer


thanks a lot  boag2000
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS Liason
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