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Gridlines not displaying in Crystal Reports cross tab report

Jeff S
Jeff S used Ask the Experts™
I am using Crystal Reports version

I am dropping a cross tab report into my Group 1b footer that has one column (LastDayOfMonth) and 8 summarized fields (Total Balance 0-30, Total Balance 31-60, Total Balance 61-90, Total Balance 91-120, Total Balance 121-150, Total Balance 151-180, Total Balance 181 + and Total Balance).

On the "Format Grid Lines" section I have checked "Draw" on every selection and it will not display gridlines for the cell horizontal lines. I am not sure why I can not get these gridlines to display. If anyone has a trick or suggestion, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Mike McCrackenSenior Consultant
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It should be doing it.

Can you upload the report or show a screen shot of the format gridlines screen?
Did you set the color to white or the same as the background?

Exactly what lines are you trying to show?  Since you're summarizing multiple fields, are you trying to show lines in between those fields?  The grid lines in the Cross-tab Expert are the lines in between the cells.  I don't think there's anything there to draw lines in between the summaries in a cell.

 If that's what you want, you can go to the format for the individual summary fields and try turning on some of the borders.  I think that's your only option.  If you need those border lines to fill a cell, you can go into the Cross-tab Expert and turn off the cell margins, but that may cause problems with other aspects of the cross-tab.



mlmcc & and James -

I actually went in and did 9 cross tabs and lined them up to form the grid and in testing it seems to work good. Thanks for looking at this question.