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Backup DC on Hyper V

I created an VHD image of our backup DC which is running on windows 2003 server std.

If I wanted to make the virtualized backup DC available with the production backup DC on the network, what are the necessary steps I needed to avoid any possible network problem?

Do I need to temporary unplug the network connection on production backup DC before I rename the server name of the virtualized server when I enable the external network?

Do I need to demote the virtualized backup DC  or can it remain as another backup DC on the network with a different server name before making it available on the network?

Any step by step process would be appreciated just to make sure I do not cause any network failure.

Thank you!
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If you are planning to decommission the physical DC that you P2V'd then do the following:

1. unplug the physical server
2. ensure that your properly configured your virtual switch using an external connection type
3. import your VM into the Hyper-V server
4. make sure the network adapter configuration on your VM is configured correctly
5. assign your virtual network adapter to the virtual switch created

That's it. It should be ready to service requests.
I personally like the acronym GIGO - garbage in garbage out.

Why not stand up a clean VM, join it to the domain, and dcpromo?
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I am actually not planning on decomissioning the physical or production backup DC.  I happen to have a critical application installed on the production backup DC and would like to test an application upgrade on the virtualized server.

The department that uses the application want to make sure they test everything on the upgraded application before I apply anything on their production server.

My plan is to make the vitualized backup DC for the department to test the upgraded application while they are working on the production backup DC.
I see. Create a virtual switch and configure the connection type as internal. I would also consider creating or adding another VM to the same switch to perform your testing.
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don't do it

don't run applications on domain controllers

If you really need to do it, do it on a computer that has an air gap to the rest of your network, you have the very real risk of wrecking your entire AD infrastructure.

I would do a clean build of the software at the installed level on a clean build server (quite possibly in a virtual environment), then restore the data from the application that is running on the DC, test that the software runs, take an image backup in case it fails and you need to redo it with extra parameters, and then test the inplace upgrade.

I would then repeat the process, in the process of which you will have migrated the application off the DC.