Integrating a MAC into a Windows environment

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I work in Windows IT and have Active Directory, Exchange, and file shares deployed. I have a user wants to integrate a late model Mac into the environment but I don't have much experience with Macs so I wanted to know what to expect. A few questions:
1. Can a MAC join an AD domain? I believe the answer is yes.
2. Will logon scripts run to map shared drives (IE, we have an N: that is mapped to \\Windows_server\share)? If not, is there another way to create these mapped drives?
3. When the user logs on to  Mac, will he/she needs to enter AD credentials just like on a Windows machine? If so, when he/she logs onto file shares, will he be able to not reenter those credentials as on a Windows box?
4. Is there built-in ability to remote desktop to a Mac or something similar? Or does this require special software?
5. Will group policies work to enforce policies, etc.? My understanding is that they will not.
6. Is there an automatic and centrally managed way to update Macs?
7. I currently use Symantec endpoint protection. I know there is a version of this for Mac. Can I manage it from the same Symantec endpoint protection manager console?
8. Is there anything else I should be thinking of in terms of IT-related items for bringing a Mac into the environment?

Thanks very much for your help.
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there are many solutions you can use to achieve that but in order to get best out of AD OD setup you need is what is known as GOLDEN TRIANGLE

follow this link >>,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=4066ee29f26267db&biw=1247&bih=670

and download this first PDF in the link.

other than that you can use admitmac and Centrify are some of the solutions available.

Centrify has improved drastically. It is a paid software but very good value for money.
You can bind Mac to AD. This will allow you to authenticate users. I would also get apple server software so you can manage the Macs themselves. You would use Work Group Manager to manage the mac computers. It will allow you to set standards for the computers and users much like AD (for Apple this is called OD, or open directory). You would end up binding each mac computer to your AD server and OD server.

You can use workgroup manager to add network share points and such. You can also use it to sync home directories. As far as remote desktop goes, ARD (Apple Remote Desktop) can be used. I use it and it works great. You can push stuff out to computers, run reports, updates, files, settings, etc all at once or individually. You can also monitor or take over a computer if you want. This software is a separate package but you don't have to install it on each computer, just the one you will use to manage the other computers. Then the client machines would just need remote management enabled.


If I don't purchase any additional software, how will things work in reference to the questions I asked above?


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