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I've a table namesly "course" in database1 "db1" & another table "course" in database2 "db2". I want to compare two tables & check whether two table columns are equal. If not equal, I have to find out the extra column or missing column and datatype and add the extra/missing column at runtime using alter table command.

How to get data type & column name...
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Are the fields unique in there respective columns?
Try this:

Sounds like you need a full outer join, in a function that returns a table wherethe full outer join finds nulls.  Maybe one for each table.  Then that could be the input for a transaction, or another stored procedure to uptadte the tables as needed.
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i recommend the following

dim dt1 as new datattable=get data from course in db1
dim dt2 as new datattable=get data from course in db2

then write a for loop to compare the columns name
ex: for i as integer=0 to dt1. Columns.Count -1 ...
and then u can know what is the missing
and base on that create a sql statement to do the necessary modification and execute it


The problem is that i cannot do a sql query because only the target datatable is from sql and the source datatable is from salesforce.Iam doing an import of data from salesforce and export it to sqlserver.

I have done coding to import the data from salesforce and export it to sqlserver.But say if they have added a custom field in the salesforce  and so i have to a comparison between datatables and find the missing column and then add that column to the sql server table.

i need a logic to compare two datatables for column names and then check whether there are any columns missing and then add that column to the target table in sql server.
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Try following

dt1 = salesforce
dt2 = sql server

Dim dtype as String
For i As Integer = 0 to dt1.Columns.Count - 1
   If dt2.Columns.Contains(dt1.Columns(i).ColumnName) = False Then
     dtype = dt1.Columns(i).DataType.ToString()
     'Code here to convert dtype to a sql type and then execute an alter table command
   End If


Thanks Codecruiser the code worked like a charm.I am able to identify the missing column and will proceed to do the coding for alter table.

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