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Export/Import ACT database

I have a client that has 2 ACT databases.  The first database (lets call LEADS) has a bunch of potential prospects.  The second database called CONTACTS has all their current customers.

When they try to export several contacts in the LEADS to the CONTACTS database, the contact may export/import but the History/Activities/Notes do not.

I have already run through each of the Database Rebuild options in the ACTdiag for both databases but no luck.  Any suggestions?

>This is on ACT Premium 2010
>Both databases have over 10k contacts
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Do the same users exist in both databases?
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Sometimes the contact is already have a contact in the CONTACTS database, but most of the time no.  They like to have their call list (purchased/internally developed whatever) in the LEADS database.  When they become a customer then the contact is exported/imported in to the CONTACTS  database.

Let me provide more detail in the process:
As the sales rep is tracking the lead in the LEADS database they are generating Activity and History for those contacts.

The Admin will then take a batch of contacts in the LEADS database that have been converted into clients isolate them, then export/import them into the CONTACTS database.  When this process completes (if it completes because many times it just starts and just hangs) the contacts may transfer and if they transfer the History/Activities do not.

If you do the same process with a single contact the process works  successfully including History/Activities.
I actually seem to have heard of an issue that Sage only recently acknowledged with this

Can you see if your method is like this one reported:
Yes. That sounds familiar except for the version of ACT that my client is using is Act Premium 2010
I think the issue goes back to 2010 ... if it's the same, it's unlikely to be addressed unless they update to 2012 where Sage has said (as per last post in that thread) that they'll be releasing Hotfix 4 soon for it.
I have heard that creating a new database and moving all the contacts to it may solve the issue, but that just sounds like a pain in the ass.  In addition they have a few plug-ins that would have to be reconfigured.

If you have any other suggestions, please let me know
The problem is that it's inconsistent ...

The best bet, if it's an option, would be to wait till HF4 is released for ACT! 2012 ... then check that thread to see if the issue is resolved and then update.

Of course, this assumes that you have the same USER records in both (user, not contact)
Ill keep an eye open.  The administrators for both databases are the same.
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