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Hi All,

I have a small Run-Time application that contains a Dashboard (frmDash) and is used as the application startup form / switchboard. This form is closed and opened continuously as the user navigates their way through the app.

In an entity table, I have a flag called DisplayDailyReminders which is a True / False field.

On my form (frmDailyReminders which is a pop up form), I have a checkbox which sets the value of the above table accordingly. The user can also switch it back on using their entity settings form as well.

So, my dilemma is this.

I want to display the daily reminders ONLY when the application opens. If the option to display it is FALSE in the table, then it will not show at all.

Is there any other way I can manage this daily reminders without having to display it everytime the frmDash is loaded i.e. as the user navigates between the application forms?

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You can add some global variable (Global globalDisplayReminders as boolean, for example). You can set in to True in autoexec macro or in some initial form.
If dlookup("[DisplayDailyReminders]","MyTable") then globalDisplayReminders = true
During form's opening set it to false:
If globalDisplayReminders then
    'do reminders
end if


Perfect. Thanks. CF

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