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resetting transaction log sequence - Exchange 2007 SCR

Hi Experts,

We have a SCR setup with 1 MB in Site A and Target MB in SCR site B for DR.

We need to perform a transaction log reset in Site A Mailbox server.
As we have SCR target MB server in Site B.

What are the steps need to be considered after resetting TL sequence in the SCR copy.
How the log sequence is reflected in the target copy.

Please can u share your knowledgebase or any article.
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Hi PYThePorkpie,

Thanks for the detailed answer.

Just for Clarification,

We have a SCR setup. Do we need to delete the .Log,.jrs,.chk files in the passive node.
Or just reseeding will delete and create a new copy.

In the same way if i defrag the active copy reseeding the enough or do i need to take any other neccesary steps.
Hi, yes delete on passive node too.
As far as defrag goes you if you have other databases you may prefer to move mailboxes to alternate db and then delete db etc rceretae and move mailboxes back.
If defrag is only option once defrag is complete you wiull need to manually re-seed.
Hope that's what you need.
I got the exact information.

Thanks for clarfiying.
I got the exact information.

Thanks for clarfiying.