windows authentication and sbs console error on SBS 2008

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Since a week ago our SBS 2008 is not functioning properly.Users have reported that they cannot print through any of the printers installed on SBS 2008.
When I tried to access the server I could not log on to the server as administrator because of following error:
“Windows SBS 2008 Console has stopped working” and Windows Authentication “an unauthorized change has been made to windows”.
After a restart I could log on and I have reinstalled SBS 2008 console. For a day everything was ok. After a day same problems came back and there were errors in event log viewer:
Microsoft-Windows-Security-Licensing-SLC (Event ID 8193; 1022)
I tried to check the license validation using slmgr.vbs script but it was not possible to run the script. In CMD I have typed slmgr.vbs /? and got Windows Authentication “an unauthorized change has been made to windows” error again.

windows activationwindows script host windows
When running that script a lot of functionality of the servers gets blocked. Also the printers, control panel, windows update are not functioning till you restart a server again.
It seems to me that slmgr.vbs script is corrupt. I have seen on forums that more people are having this problem but no solution.
sfc \scannow did not find any problems. The server is installed 2 years ago and has a valid licence.
Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
Your help is highly appreciated.

Thank you.
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If sfc /scannow came up clean, it's most likely that for whatever reason the otherwise valid license got incorrectly flagged as invalid (a hardware change can cause that, but so can a few other things).

I know you said the license is valid, but you may want to check for sure.  Google MGADiag.exe to get MS's link to the current version of the Genuine Advantage Diagnostic and run it; paste the output here if you need help with that (it can be a bit esoteric).

Other things to check:
Perhaps you're having trouble reaching the MS validation servers; you can go here: with IE to check that out.
Or you may have some odd driver or startup doohickey interfering with validation; check on that by performing a clean boot ( and seeing if the problem remains, and if it goes away reenabling one thing at a time until it occurs again.

The current link to MGADiag seems to be: .


thanks for the answer. the problem was not so long ago installed avast business protection antivirus software.

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