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Steve-UK used Ask the Experts™
Need to increase our DHCP scope as running out of usable addresses.

We currently use 172.16.32.x with a subnet of

Was looking at expanding the range on our Server 2008 r2 box to 172.16.32.x to 172.16.33.x utilising the same subnet.

Does this look ok, or would I need to make some more severe changes?
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Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions Consulting
If your mask is already then that is already in the same subnet so it should work. To test give yourself a static ip in the range and try it out.
If your subnet is, your scope is 172.16.x.x.  So assuming everything else is configured correctly, you should be fine using .33.x.
EDIT: Sorry for the repeat; didn't refresh before answering.
Lead System Administrator
Private IP Address Ranges,

For Class B network - (/16 or

For local network above IP range should be used.
Brian GarciaTechnology Support Specialist
Hi, you may want to consider reducing the network segment to /24 ( 254 hosts with subnet mask). This will decrease collision domain and broadcast domain that can cause traffics.

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