Backup Exec 12.5 with Sony AIT USB Tape Drive - Going offline

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Hello :)

Having backup issues with a server that we manage. Constantly coming up with error E00084EE (invalid command sent to the storage device) and the drive also goes offline and gives the error E000810C.

It is a Windows Server 2003 SBS box running Backup Exec on a Sony AIT 80GB USB tape drive. The drivers for the tape drive are showing up as working in device manager.

If I right click the drive and tick 'online', it will come back online for a while before dropping off again. Now here is the weird part, i can manually run a backup and it will work with no issues, but scheduled backups fail with the E00084EE error.

I have done quite a bit of googling on this issue but the answers only ever relate to SCSI cards.

I have attached the adamm.log below in the hopes that someone can find the error in it.
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Not a very helpful answer but here goes,
That tape drive is a fair way towards obsolete - manufacturers specified end-of-life for the product was just over two years ago.  Is there any specific reason why you don't move to 2.5" USB HDDs?  You can get 320GB of that for well under £40.  Also, have you considered how you would source another Sony AIT drive in a disaster recovery scenario?  Scrabbling around on ebay?

Just jack the tape drive mate, it's seriously 20th century technology for single server backups.
Try installing sysmantec drivers for tape drive.

Is it a standalone tape drive?


It is an Internal USB tape drive, and yes it is the only one in the machine. Symantec do not supplies drivers for USB tape drives and instead relies on Windows. I have downloaded the latest driver from the Sony website, but windows state that my drivers are already fully up to date.

@Marcustech - Would ideally like to get this one up and going first, it may be EoL, but the server is quite old as well.
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Fair enough greentriangle, I'm afraid I 'm not really familiar enough with that device/software combo to speculate - you rlog shows similar errors occuring back in 2010, so it would seem that it is a fixable error... bad media perhaps?

I take it you have another one of those tape drives to hand so that you could restore data if the server and tape drive failed / exploded / got run over by a bus?  Does that one throw the same error if you swap it out?
Issue ended being the windows backup conflicting. Not sure why it was even turned on.


Solved the issue myself.

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