Setting up SCR for Exchange 2007 to remote site

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We have an exchange 2007 server with 10 users and 90GB of emails (yes, large mailbox). We are looking at implementing SCR to a remote site for DR purpose. The WAN link is 10Mbps but has high latency due to far distance.  

Just to check the steps for seetting up SCR to DR Exchange 2007 server:

1. Create a new storage group (e.g. SCR1) on Email server, and setup SCR of this storage group to DR Exchange 2007 server,

2. Manually move individual mailboxes to the new SCR storage group e.g. one per night to allow SCR time to replicate each new mailboxes to DR site.

Is this a workable approach?

Does anyone have the command lines to setup SCR?

Both Exchange servers are 2007 and running on Windows 2008 x64 STD.

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I would probably setup the new Exchange server local to the existing Exchange server dnd then ship it complete to the DR location as this would enable you to create the initial replica much quicker.

Whether the 10mb connection will be sufficient is only possible to confirm if you already know the bandwidth requirement. Setting up the SCR locally will allow you to confirm this before you move the SCR server.

What latency do you have to your DR site ?

This might be of use
Ciprian LozonschiOps Team Office 365/Messaging
You don't need to create a new SG for SCR, you can configure current one to work with SCR.
But if you want to have some control because of the bandwidth then your approach is OK or you can do like previous comment advised
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ArneLovius - The DR site does not have any IT staff so  the preferred method is to perform any changes remote/online instead of shipping HDDs or servers there.

lciprianionut - if the DB is 70GB will it be able to successfully seed the replica or timeout after a few hours? I am guessing it would take 2 days to replica/seed the remote SCR. The latency is 200ms which is normal for a DR site on the opposite location on Earth.

Has anyone successfully create a SCR for large SCR (70GB) remotely? Thanks.
If shipping a complete server isn't an issue, I would suggest going back to your original idea of a  new SG and then moving some test mailboxes into it to check your replication speed. I have a feeling that with 200ms latency, the replication will take quite a bit longer than you are estimating.

You could tune the TCP stack for a high latency connection, but that would have a negative impact on other traffic...


Closing question to bypass Expert Exchange stupid restriction as I have another critical Exchange problem.

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