VPN connection not updating to new DC

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I have recently upgraded and moved our DC to a new server.  As far as I can tell, everything with that went fine and is functioning correctly.

I am connecting remotely with Sonicwall GVC, with DHCP and DNS being handed out from this same server. that all appears to be working correctly too.  and actually after connecting to the network everything seems fine....for a few minutes!

after a few minutes, I am losing any conectivity to the resources on our network.  If i disable and then re-enable the VPN connection it is good again for a few minutes, then gone again??

I looked in the Sonicwall logs, and I am seeing an error that may be contributing to this, but i cannot figure out how to fix it.....

This is what I see:

Renewing IP address for the virtual interface (00-60-73-E7-79-1C).
The virtual interface has been added to the system with IP address
The system ARP cache has been flushed.
NetWkstaUserGetInfo returned: user: denmcd, logon domain: RED, logon server: MAIN
NetGetDCName failed: Could not find domain controller for this domain.
NetUserGetInfo: Server: \, User: denmcd, level: 3

the problem is "MAIN" is the old DC!
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Do you remove the MAIN DC from the AD or still active.  Were all the servers demoted and/or promoted to replace "MAIN" as your main DC?

The old DC has to be properly remove so all credentials updates come from the new main DC.


As it turns out everything had not properly propagated to the new server.  Thanks for the help!

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