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IT needs advice

I am preparing a document that describes the list of IT needs for small office that has 50 users so I will list the current IT things that they have  so could you please help me any IT needs that  you see it's important that this office needs.

Current IT hardware equipment's.

1.  NANO bridge M5 p2p - this connects the office to the ISP
2. Fortinet firewall that has web filtering
3. HP swich
4. HP prolian     that is the domain controller for the  office and folder redirection to the clients users
6. QNAP offsite back up device: this qnap backups the windows folder redirection files
7.  Microtik OUTDOOR wireless access point for outdoor users
6. 3 liniksys wirless access point


1. Windows XP/7 Genuine licenses
2. Microsoft office 2010/2007 genuine licenses
3. KASPERSKY BUSINESS SECURITY SPACE for windows server and works stations

so please advice any other missing  IT needs  for this small office in terms of software as well as hardware that
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What about an UPS. - If the power goes off so the server is shutdown in an normal way.

What are they running as raid for the Proliant Server ?. - Just to be sure if one of the disks die.
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Thanks, for that we have UPS in the System room.

But the disk in the server is connected to qnap as SCSI storage controller   so the qnap is the storage for the server and there is other QNAP that I put other remote location  for offsite backup, this qnap in the other location backups the files in the server  automatically on  a daily basis.

SO what else do you think that we may need  any backup soft war's and any other hardware.
If your network isn't giving trouble and the users aren't complaining, then based on what you've outlined above you seem to have the essentials in place already. There may be room for improvement in some areas though; for example, does your backup software do evrything that you want, or does it lack a feature or features that would improve its efficiency and/or reliability? You're the man on the spot, so really only you can make such judgements.

There might be a couple of less direct considerations to ponder, however...

First, your server room - is it actually suitable for the purpose? I ask because too often I've seen "server rooms" that were basically dusty cupboards enjoying temperatures that wouldn't disgrace a greenhouse. Air conditioning would be nice, but adequate ventilation is a must, if you want your equipment to have the best chance of a long and productive service life. Excessive heat is a killer of electronics.
Second, having, and enforcing, clear policies in regard to system security and usage means that everybody knows where they are, and that breaches of those policies can be dealt with in a consistent manner.
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- we have KAV business security space for windows server 2008 and the workstations .
The Data is backup-ed using folder redirection and we connect the server to offsite backup device for replication.
-the wireless access points that we have has WPA2 encryption and the SSID is  visible to every one.
any one who  connects to the network either staff or visitor has same rights.

The server room is in a safe and isolated  from the office

Unfortunately  we don't have DC fail over and the server is also newly setup, but advice how to do it do we need to setup another server for DC fail over.
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Just somethings i would consider thinking about.

Does the server meets the requirements for the performance you are expecting.. - If not what could you do to power it up.

Is the wireless AP´s fast enough or are all the areas covered?

What software are you using for the remote backup. ? Is there any other backup software you could use there has some more features you might need.

If the internet goes offline. What about the backup  ? Will it still run smoothly.?

There is many thing you need to consider.
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