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Best practice for backing up virtual servers and Symantec Backup Exec 2010

Hi, just after some input in regards to best practice for running backups of our virtual machines. We are using Symantec Backup Exec 2010 and have all of the required agent licenses.
We have approx 12TB of virtual servers in total. To run a full backup of all servers will take about 5 days to complete. If I take the VM's that aren't that important, it still leaves us with nearly 10TB.

How should I manage the backups?
I obviously can't do a full backup over the weekend (then differential each other night) due to the volume of hours required.
Would appreciate any input into how I should structure the nightly backups.

Also, re Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint and Domain Controllers, I have heard different opinions of how to backup each of these. Some say backup the VM, some say only backup the components (eg for SQL, just backup the database instead of the VM, for Exchange, just backup the mailstores). Any tips on this would also be greatly appreciated.
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Backing up to Tape for 90% of the VM's. Backing up to disc for the other 10%
I might see if we are eligable for a BE2012 upgrade.
FYI, I have just upgraded to BE2012. Its alot different to 2010. Looks alot easier to use at first glance. Same question remains though. What is the best practice for staggering my backups so they all complete outside of office hours?
It depends on the job type of amount of storage you're backing up.  What I like to do is during off hours backup to disk and then do the disk to tape during the day, this way you get faster backups at night and this will reduce your backup window