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Please find attached codes that I have put together to list all funds that have been entered by the user today on another list. There are 2 worksheets to analyse. Once completed I need to csv the file.

I have issues with comparing the date entered by the user and the system date.
Given the attached sample, I should get 3 rows of date but I randomly get 1 or 2.
could you please help as I don't understand how to fix this issue.

The macro to use is called "Test_Account_NAV"
Thanks,. I have a couple of other macros and function called by the main macro.
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Give a working example that demonstrates the issue.
Explain what to do to see the problem, and what show the expected output.
The macro ("Test_Account_NAV") should open selected file (TestFund-NAV-prices.xlsx
) , go through all worksheets of the file. Lookup the most recent inputted data and reported them into a newsheet. The newsheet is created in the workbook from which the macro is run.
The output should be a list of aal prices inputted for which input date = Today.


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