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i am installing a new win 7 64 bit machine onto the network and have discovered that the exisiting printer driver for a canon is only for win xp machine.
the printer is setup as a shared printer on the server.
i got a new driver to suit the canon mfp however i dont know what the best approach is to installing it onto the server?
if i install the new driver I am afriad that i will knock out any existing settings!
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Kash2nd Line Engineer

if it is a new driver for Window 7 machine then you have no choice but to install it for those machines to work.

Why not copy the existing driver somewhere safe and then install the new one.

Actually, once you install then you have a choice in a drop down menu to select either.

just for reference: >>

On the 2008 server you have to add x64 driver, so win 7 x64 will be able to get the driver from the server.

You have to download windows 2008 drivers from canon site for 32 and 64bit too. And they have to be the same.
So if you download canonxxx_XXX_xxx32, then you have to download canon_xxx_xxx64.

Incase you odnt remember what you installed months ago:
Fist install the drivers that is supported by your OS (on the server) obviously server x32 you have to install 32 bit driver, than you will get an "Add driver" menu in the driver proberties, here you can point to the 64bit version of the same driver.

I hope i was clear, and this solves your problem.



thanks for your reply this worked a treat

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