Android App for Cisco Pix VPN connection

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We are buying a lot of tablets at the moment and have a Cisco Pix VPN here. I have searched for an android app that may let us log into the Pix via the tablet but haven'y found any - could anyone suggest one ?
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This one was perfect although I have now got it working, I cannot map my server shares.
Are you able to access the server shares using the same settings on a PC ?

Are you able to access the shares on the Android device when you are on the local network ?
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Yes, I can access the same shares when I am on a pc using the vpn but I haven't been able to access the shares on the Android device when I vpn into the local network - it gets into the network but no files appear
How would you expect to see the files on the Android device ?

How would you access the files over WiFi in the office ?


Sorry I have been away on holiday

Over Wifi - I use Cisco VPN use my account name and password and then go into explorer and see my mapped shares or go to the server ip or name and see the folders that I have access to. With regard to android I am new to that.
Apologies, I was not specific enough, how would you access the files over WiFi in the office on your android device ?


We would normally use Cisco vpn, login and then connect to drives to see files, etc. I believe with Android, I can log in but then cannot see any of the drives. I have been using NCP Secure Client – Preview they give you 5 mins but are bring out a complete version in July according to their Customer Service
I think we are at cross purposes.

Do you mean to browse an SMB file share on your Android device ?

If so, what are you using on your Android device to browse SMB file shares ?

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