AMI bios - f8 key stuck

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My AMI bios insists that the F8 is always depressed. Not sure if it is a hardware problem with the mobo or some bios corruption.

Result is that the machine will not boot normally (because F8 is depressed) and the word processors do not work properly (because they use F8)

Has anyone come across this before?

I suppose the next step is to reload the bios ( it is an oldish AMI v02.58) - which one doesn't do lightly, but has anyone any other ideas?
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Have you already tried another Keyboard? Or no Keyboard?
yes, of course

But the problem is solved.

I forgot I had another tiny keyboard connected - for when the bios did not recognise the usb keyboard

And the f8 button was depressed on this one!! Computer -  he never lies.

Idiotic I know. Sorry you were bothered



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