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DVD to AVI with high compatibility


We have a dvd presentation of our company, and I'd like to create an avi file for download on a website.

I'm trying to find the most compatible codec so that nobody has to download anything when playing the video. Even windows xp users who didn't install any update to media player should be able to play that video.

I think 10 years ago i was using divx 3.11 and it didn't need any codec. But it's quite outdated now, and I tried "autogk" and "fairuse" and neither created a video file that was readable on a basic system.

Could anyone tell me what program I should use and what codec so that everyone can read the video file?

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You can play avi format video with VLC Media Player 2.0.1 & K-Lite Codec Pack 8.80 (Full).
You can download it from following links.
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Thanks for the information but that is not my question.
I need to encode the videos from dvds so that people can play it without any codec pack or codec download.

We need to ditribute the video that I'll be encoding to thousands of people so we can't ask them all to go download klite codec pack. That would be unprofessionnal.
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Not exactly what I was looking for but the only solution I found.