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I'm the administrator in a website in Wordpress 3.3.1, in which I only have access to the dashboard.
It has more than 200 pages, and yesterday, all of a sudden all pages were in the trash bin.
Not permanently deleted, no user deletions, or password changes, no other changes, just all content in the trash.
I'm sure I didn't do it, and the other administrator swears he didn't either. Looking at the audit trail, I found all the deletion actions, all done within the same minute, but it doesn't show the user( the IP is from our site, so it should be somebody from my company?)

Our service provider already restored the website from the backup, but I'd like to know if this is a symptom of an attack, a Wordpress malfunction or something else.

Any clue about this?
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Don't talk to me.
If it is an attack, it's certainly a weird one.  Usually attacks are done to embed spam or viruses, not to mildly annoy you.  Maybe it's just your luck that you got the one guy with a weird sense of humor.

I would certainly check your theme and plugins for security risks or get a consultant to do it but I'm leaning more towards human error on this one.
I suspect a practical joker at your company


Thank you for your replies, I certainly think it's not the usual result of an attack, that's why I wanted to know if somebedy had this experience before.

My company is very small, and I know all the people with access privileges to do this, and I'm pretty sure nobody did this in purpose.

So I think I'll have to forget about it and never know what really happened.
Was the time a time you were working on the site? Perhaps you did it accidently.


I've been investigating and apparently the audit trail could be giving me unrelievable logs, so I don't really know.
I think I'm gonna close the question, and forget about it.

Thank you guys for your answers

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