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Hi All ,

I formated my pc forgetten to backup my pst file

I tried recovering which I found all pst files but cant find the most current one I want.

Any Ideas
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How did you try the recovery and what tool did you use? Did you first remove the HD from the PC and attached it to another one running windows as a 2nd disk? Did you then scan it using getdataback? Or did you first install a new OS on the formatted disk and then installed the recovery tool to that and scan it?

If you did the 2nd version, then chances aren't very good for recovery, as it is likely that you have written data to the location the old PST was at...

I was successful recovering a critical PST using RStudio.


The hard drive is still on my system and I used getdataback, I install a new OS on the formatted disk and then installed the recovery tool to that and scan it.

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The you didn't do it as you were supposed to. When recovering data you MUST always stop using the disk you want to recover from, particularly stop writing anything to it, and then try the recovery from another PC and attaching the disk to be recovered from to that other PC.

Writing any to the disk you want to recover from always reduces your chances of recovery. Apart from that, a pst file that is being used normally can grow pretty large, and if just a small part of it has been overwritten you won't be able to access it as it will have gotten corrupt.

You can still try the process from another PC, but as I mentioned your chances will be close to nil....
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i suppose after formatting the DISK - you installed a new OS and drivers and applications?
if that is so, you probably overwrote the pst file - you "may" be lucky finding it the way Rindi suggested, but in most cases - it's un recovereable with normal software
you need specialised services

you may contact a recovery service, and check what they say : http://www.gillware.com/

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